Company Profile

Company Profile:

Our area of specialization is centred around the Telecommunication and Regulatory environment as we focus mainly on the Regulatory Certification and Type Approval of Telecommunication, Radio, Electrical and IT Equipment in the ICT Sector South Africa and Sub-Saharan countries.

Vision :

Providing the backbone with Efficient Knowledgeable advice on Local & International Regulatory Certification and Approval of Telecommunication Equipment (Radio, IT, TTE, Electrical) services.


We guarantee retroactive and all-encompassing type approval solution(s) in world-class lead times, clear-set in-sight of the project outline, reasonable time frames and cost-effective outcomes.

Our tailor-made services make provision to accomplish your prescribed project requirement whilst ensuring a proficient outcome of the approved certification.


We have a wealth of experience which enables on the trajectory of cutting edge of certification in our local South African market and Sub-Saharan territories where we provide state of the art services across a wide range of categories involved in type approval of equipment for the various type of technologies at play in the telecommunication and IT products.

Our Services:

Key aspect of our success is our illustrious network across numerous countries in our region, which we have a solid structure in terms of our business expertise in the field of type approval of equipment that provides us with the edge to present relevant strategies to accessing the market whilst hitting the ground running in the ever-changing sphere of new technologies also highly regulated industry.

Our Global Footprint & Presence:

We are your one-stop for Local and Sub-Saharan territories Equipment Type Approval with Product & Service Certification for Local and Sub-Saharan territories entities as we interact with respective Regulatory bodies.

South Africa:

ICASA: Type Approval Equipment

NRCS: Letter of Authority

SABS: EMC CoC Certification

Sub-Saharan territories:

Botswana: BOCRA  


Nambia: CRAN

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